Community Life

For most of the year, there is a weekly Bible Study group on Wednesday evenings.  The lessons are led in such a way that even if a visitor can come on only one occasion, the material will be both understandable and meaningful.  The meetings are very conversation oriented, allowing us not only to learn about the Bible, but to make friends. For more information on this, check out our calendar of events!

In the summer we organise a 1-week Day Camp, where children aged 8 to 12 gather for Bible stories, games, crafts, songs, snacks and more.  Children come from such a wide variety of backgrounds that this is one of the most international things we do!

In the past we have organised a Pub Group, an informal opportunity for people to get together outside of the church setting and discuss various subjects connecting faith to everyday life, as well as the occasional informal gathering in the ministers’ flat. Occasionally we also organise picnics or excursions to the Buda hills.

Though our programming changes from time to time, based on what members are interested in, the goal is always to provide opportunities for people to get to know each other better, developing networks that can make living in Hungary feel more like home.

Groups Using the Building

We believe in hospitality and mission, and that honouring the heritage of our building means allowing a variety of groups to use the space.

One of our partners, the Kalunba Charity Group, uses our space to help refugees (see “Refugee Connections”).

The Sofar Messianic Jewish Community, the Russian-speaking Church of the Living God, and the Hungarian Fasor Congregation all use our space for worship, Bible Study, and praise.

The Gabrieli Choir and the Concerto orchestra hold rehearsals and occasional performances in our Webster Hall, and the Stacatto Choir holds concerts there twice a year.

We have welcomed various 12-step groups (AA, NA, SLAA) into our space before and are open to similar requests.